Bioenergy Association Of California Membership Meeting

When:  Tuesday, July 18, 2017 

Where: SoCal Gas’s Energy Resources Center (ERC), Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA, 90241

Promptly stars at noon. Lunch to be served to members and registered prospective members for a open meeting session visit only.  Please register via the application below or contact Tom Hintz for a trail membership visit.  Pre-registration is required.


As an active member SeaHold is interested in advancing the agenda of Organics to Fuel technologies and efforts, we are rooted in biological conversion of organics; anaerobic digestion, however we support the best technology matched to the feedstocks.  We support gasification of solid organics, trees to fuel and other innovations that reduce green house gases!  Please review the benefits sheet on our website.

Informative documents on SeaHold:

  • Document 1: “What We Are About”: BAC BioEnergy 101
  • Document 2:  Serious GHG Reduction with BioEnergy Low Cost Per ton… all stakeholders benefit… LAO document
  • Document 3: BAC Membership Application, referral by Tom Hintz, please acknowledge SeaHold’s efforts
  • Document 4: Tremendous opportunity for beneficial use of devastation by bark beetles


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