A Beneficial Way to Dispose of the Sierra’s Lost Trees

When the Forest Service announced it calculation last November that the Sierra Nevada contained 102 million dead trees, in conveyed the immensity of a tragedy that is unprecedented in California’s history. It also challenged planners and innovators to find a beneficial use for at least some of the dead trees. As it turns out, there is one…

Administrations Cap-and-Trade Report Provides New Information Raises Issues for Consideration

Estimated Average GHG Reduction Cost is High with Wide Variation Across Programs

Bioenergy 101 – Bioenergy Association of California

California generates enough organiz waste to produce about 2.4 Billion gallons of low carbon transportation fuels or 6,000 megawatts of renewable power per year, more than ten percent of the state’s total transportation fuel or electricity needs. Converting the state’s plant and animal waste to energy cuts greenhouse gas emissions, reduces wildfires and landfilling, creates jobs and economic development, and increases the state’s energy security…