Primary services

  • Unbiased studies of the economic feasibility of anaerobic digesters, independent of institutional or political influences.
  • Overview of alternative strategies with both conventional and innovative methodologies, with recommendations for achieving specific research objectives.
  • Customized pre-engineering studies ranging from high level or top line to comprehensive in scope – can include gross fuel estimates and estimates of capital and operational expenses.
  • Actionable plans for overcoming challenges to improve yields and efficiently generate fuel and energy from waste.
  • Consulting to help define the overall concept for projects designed to deliver biomethane fuel for electric generation, pipeline-quality gas to the grid, or CNG for transport fuel.
  • Liaison to leading anaerobic digestion researchers and technology providers in North America.

Additional services

  • Biogas market research
  • Anaerobic digestion feedstock research
  • Connecting buyers and sellers of biomass and feedstock
  • Securing test sites for biogas equipment evaluation
  • Strategic business and economic development consulting

Accelerating the movement of anaerobic digestion technology from laboratory to field research to commercial production

Finding the balance between environmental stewardship and economic feasibility

Helping to achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprints, aiming toward zero waste and zero emissions

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Factors to Consider before Beginning a Biogas Project

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California Dairy Map

Map Highlights:

  • Defined Pinpoints of California Dairy Locations within Southern California Energy and Pacific Gas & Electric Coverages
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Gas Lines
  • Southern California Energy Territory Gas Lines
  • Eighteen divisions within Pacific Gas & Electric Territory listed and color-coded

Four utilities listed and color-coded within Southern California Energy Territory:

  • Long Beach Energy
  • San Diego Gas and Electric
  • Southern California Gas Company
  • Southwest Gas Territory

Standard laminated map sizes available:

  • “D” Size (24” x 36”)
  • “E” Size (36” x 48”)

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